Monday, June 12, 2006

Jon Pack has approved or disapproved of the things I needed him to approve or disapprove of today (all the entries for June 12). This really helps. I was a bit on the fence about most of these things, but I am now cleared up.

It is obvious that Jon Pack approves of the Clean Part reading series. Just look at his rad t-shirt. I bet he'll come this Saturday night, all the way from New York. I don't care where you live--you should come too. Clean Part #5 y'all! Poetry from brilliant first-bookers: Paula Cisewski, Juliet Patterson, and Sarah Fox. 7pm. Tugboat.


Anonymous said...

First time comment-poster, long time Lovely Arc reader.

This reading will be very much worth your while, Nebraska poetry fans...all seven of you!

Lots of exciting first books coming out of Minneapolis these days. But not in a kissing-Ron-Silliman's-ass kind of way. And more important, none of these poets is an MFA careerist. They will have no truck with you.

Come see what the City of Lakes buzz is about, why don't you?

riley said...

This guy's got a point. You should come out to MN sometime after next week, after I get moved in and settled.

Anonymous said...

We have plenty of poetry fans in Nebraska or my name's not Ted Kooser!

--Ted Kooser

kate said...

I would like to state that Lincoln gets a bad rap. Lots of poetry support , lots of art support and lots of music support. Going on the record: Lincoln is a good scene.

and riley...are you moving to minneapolis? That is great!

Denny Schmickle said...

Poetry is SO 2004.