Sunday, October 29, 2006

Despite Aaron McCollough not being able to make the trip to Lincoln because of anti-poetry forces (weather/planes), the reading was sooo good. I mean that. The crowd was healthy. Matt Hart and Karla Kelsey know their poems very well, and know exactly how to read them. I was hypnotized with joy. I only regret not spending enough time with these two, and Brett (Matt's friend who came along) --again: anti-poetry forces. I have a feeling there'd never be enough time for this bunch, but I didn't even come close. I did snap some pictures though.

This was my view for a half-hour or so. Karla is studying her Forklift manuals and Matt is crushing a bird into invisibility.

Karla Kelsey reading from this.

Mathias is warming up the people.

This is the lobby of the Sheldon where the Clean Part readings happen. There's Matt and Brett and Anthony Hawley, I think, and Karla.