Tuesday, October 03, 2006

T inspired me to make my own playoff predictions.

Padres over Cardinals in 5
Mets over Dodgers in 3

Yankees over Tigers in 4
Twins over A's in 4

League Championship:

Mets over Padres in 7
Yankees over Twins in 5

World Series

Yankees over Mets in 6

I want to make clear I am not personally in favor of this scenario. I will be rooting against it throughout the entire playoffs, but this is what will happen. My heart is on the Mets &/or Padres. If I have to watch a World Series in a dome I'll be ill.


Adam said...

I knocked the dome until I saw a game (on Sunday).

I knock no more.

Zachary Schomburg said...

I admit, I've never been to the dome, but whatever it is you've experienced doesn't translate on TV. It seems so artificial. Like the 'ping' in college bball. Is there a baseball smell? If Canada had a baseball league, this is what it would look like perhaps.

So, Adam, will you be rooting for the Twins? In the name of Kirby Puckett?