Friday, February 26, 2010

Because you bought so many of our copies of The Difficult Farm by Heather Christle, we had to go make more of them. It's ok. Don't worry about it. But you should know, that if you'd like to get another one, a slightly smaller more compact version, one with a white bunny this time, or maybe even a very special one with a blue cover, then we would sell it to you. We'd even put it in a package and send it to your front door, free of charge. Let me know. 

Also, Heather and her Octopus Books press-mate, Matvei Yankelevich, will be a part of a reading alongside Wave Books, Ugly Duckling Presse, and Canarium Books offsite at the AWP conference in Denver. It'll be on the Thursday night of the conference. I'll tell you more about it soon.

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