Friday, October 29, 2004

a game of art/publication/domestic responsibility

To go a bit further, and bouncing off of what Reb and A-Rob (is that cool if I call you that in public?)have commented on, I'm not sure where I would draw the line in making changes to a poem in order for the editor to take it. I've only been asked to make changes three times (Northwest Review, Ducky, and now the Canary) and each time the changes made sense to me. What if they didn't? What if I disagreed with them? I imagine I'd do the right thing and protect my art. Art beats publication (like in a paper/rock/scissors-esque game of art/publication/domestic responsibility). I'm guessing no one will argue with me on that. But what if the changes don't kill the poem, in your view of it--maybe only clip a wing? Publishing excites me tremendously, and being a poet in a box, I'm always uncertain if one of my poems is any good, so maybe the editor's view is better than mine. Nah.

And Octopus #4 is on its way boys and girls. Hold on to your incredible hulk underoos. We've sent most everything to Denny Schmickle, our designer. He's in school dealing with mid-terms and whatnot so things are a little a slow. Drop him a line of encouragement if you would. He's cool. Anyway, we're looking to have proofpages ready in the next couple of weeks and then the issue shortly after that. Its a killer issue. It really is. 32 (octopus x 4) badass poets again and enough critical squid to drive you mad. They'll be a few issues after that which will deviate from the norm a bit--keep things fresh. And then #8 (ages from now) will attempt to be a print issue. Anyone want to donate a couple thousand dollars to the cause?

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