Friday, October 22, 2004

Johnny Damon Man Crush

My friend, Brian, recently sent me via official-looking envelope an autographed picture of Johnny Damon (obviously forged). It read "Dear Zach, Thanks for your support! Let's make out" and then was signed Johnny Damon #18.

I am quickly becoming aware of my man-crush on Johnny Damon. Its not the hair. Its not the pre-upright human sloping forehead. Its that beautiful, hot and sexy grand slam of his. And anything less than a .300 BA and 8 RBIs in the series against the Cards, he's off my crush list, freeing up a spot for the desperately-seeking-a-crush Anthony Robinson.


Tony said...

Dear Zach,

I am on nobody's crush list.

I have a man crush on two people, though:

James Spader
Freddie Prinze Jr.

I don't know why this is, especially considering that Prinze is a terrible actor and has only made bad movies.


Charles said...

Welcome to the blogland!