Saturday, October 23, 2004

Poems-for-All interview

Tony and I recently completed our interview with Richard Hansen for the upcoming issue #4 of Octopus. He is the brains behind Poems-for-All, a press of sorts that puts out tiny little booklets for the public's (mostly Sacramento) free reading pleasure. He'll send you free tiny booklets of great poetry if you ask him nicely, and send him postage.

Issue #4 has lots of goodies. Its another big one, and its taking a while to get everything in order. The gears are grinding. We're trying our damndest to keep pace with Typo.


Anonymous said...

hey zach,

welcome to blogland. can't wait to see octopus 4.

-adam c.

didi said...

yeah - I'm interested in seeing the new issue of Oct. as well.