Monday, October 18, 2004

My Lovely Blog Title

I have the day off today so I'm getting myself a blog. Everyone else has one, and my desperate longing for attention has gotten the best of me. The blog's title, The Lovely Arc, is most deliberately a nod to Tate--one of my most revered poets no doubt and perhaps the one that most influences my own poetry. On the top of the pile of books next to my bed is Tate's Memoir of the Hawk. I took the title of this blog from the title of his poem, "The Lovely Arc of a Meteor in the Night Sky." Its last line reads, "And nothing's revealed because it was never known." A line that resonates, echoes, swims around in the ocean and never gets tired.

Here are some other blog titles (in order of my approval) that I took out a few times, bought a few drinks for, but never called back:

1. Overworked and Haunted
2. Watching an Owl Slowly Wink
3. Hank
4. Haunting the Ghosts Back
5. Returning to the their Warm Caves
6. Young Man with a Ham
7. My Private Tasmania
8. Red-Faced from the Orchestra Pit
9. Black Invisible Telephone
10. Letters to your Mom

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Anonymous said...

Hey, show us your map of Tassie!