Tuesday, October 26, 2004

My Visit to Cactus Records

I had the day off yesterday and I roped off a chunk of time in the middle of the day to go visit Bozeman's best music store, Cactus Records. I listened to cds for 2 hours, studying, ranking my selections, making cuts. These are the 3 cds that made it:

1. Green Day - American Idiot (Reprise Records)

I've always rocked Green Day, when they were cool, when they weren't, when they were, then when they weren't again. This album is political, offensive, thoughtful. It has two of the longest punk songs I've ever listened to (nearing 10 minutes) and they keep up their energy throughout. A tiring listen. It makes Big Punk important again, even if the TRL crowd is voting for it.

2. The Good Life - Album of the Year (Saddle Creek)

Saddle Creek is most likely my favorite record label, ranking somewhere just ahead of Merge (check out their new American Music Club). I try to support all Omaha music exports, being from Omaha myself. Bright Eyes, Cursive/Good Life, Now It's Overhead, Rilo Kiley, Lullaby for the Working Class, Young Hasslehoffs, Simon Joyner, and Son, Ambulance.

3. Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova Split EP (Crank)

My intro to Neva Dinova. Wow. A bit Coldplay-ish, countryfied.


kate said...

I really like Neva Dinova. I have only heard them live at Duffy's several times in lincoln and have never listened to a ND cd. They are funny. Jake Bellows sweats a shit ton and yells at the audience sometimes.
I want the Good LIfe Album too.

My favorite labels are in this order:
1. Merge
2. Kill Rock Stars
3. Drag City
4. Saddle-Creek

Speaking of the TRL crowd...I have simply been fascinated with Ashlee Simpson as of late. I made my students watch the quicktime movie of her SNL debacle. I think I got more out of it then they did. Why don't people care about celebrities more? WHY?

Charles said...

I've been impressed with Green Day's new single. It's nice to hear mainstream punk being used for something of redeeming social value again.