Monday, June 27, 2005

Anonymous comment Darcie asked about Bozeman and its community, artistic and otherwise (are you planning a move here, ACD?), so I will oblige. Bozeman is a terrific little nook in the mountains. Small and scenic. So very clean and I didn't realize how breathable and light the air is up here 5400-some feet until I visited the heavy wet air of my old home in Arkansas a few weeks back. There is a college here, Montana State. There is a symphony (unheard of for such a small population (30-40 K) and live theatre, two one screen movie theaters downtown, one that shows traveling indie films. But the community is really geared more toward the out of doors: the hiking, skiing, floating, hunting, fishing (oh, the world-famous fishing!), running, healthy vegetarian type crowd. Everybody has a backpack, a dog, a ponytail, nice calves, and a Subaru with a kayak strapped on top. There is NO poetry scene and NO music scene. A real zero on the scale. The college is a science and technobabble one--the MFAs are up in Missoula at the U of M. I've enjoyed my time and Bozeman has been so so good to A and I, but looks like we'll be moving away from it all here in a month. Going back to Lincoln, NE. To the scene (to concerts, to the readings!). Where the houses are affordable (Bozeman is a joke in terms of cost of living. You got to be rich coming in, because you're not going to catch up here). Here are the Lincoln houses I want from a aesthetic urge, not a practical one:

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