Tuesday, June 07, 2005

I'm back from Arkansas, the Tony Tost and Leigh Plunkett wedding (and from the Crow Indian Reservation which I'll post about tomorrow). Had a terrific time with so many people. I was hosted by Adam Clay and his lovely fiance, Kim Dennis. They are wonderful people. Adam picked me up late at night, and dropped me off early in the morning at an airport 2 hrs away. I owe him. We also at lunch at Mexican place together, gardened in Adam's backyard, played chess, talked po-biz and weddings and music in the living room, and visited the bookstore where Adam works. And Kim and I got our dance on through much of the reception. Also: great to see my buddies from College of the Ozarks (two or three of which I hadn't seen since the Clinton presidency): Will, Kate, Riley, Butch, Donnie and Shannon. I regret my time being too short there, though I suspect I'd feel like that regardless of the number of days I spend with these cats. They're life-long friends, and it is great to know there'll be other days. And, to boot, I got to meet a long list of interesting chums like Ken Rumble (who said Adam and I could come to NC for a reading sometime--we may take him up on that), Marc Cherry, Michael Heffernan, etc etc.

Here are some pics:

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