Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Detroit has a Skyline Too

After about 8 years in the heavy listening rotation, my Superchunk's Here's Where the Strings Come In cassette has finally warped. Gotta spring for a new one. And it's gotta be cassette--God, they sound so much better on cassette.

Last Year
Last Night
I'm Tired
Let's fight


Craig Morgan Teicher said...

Have you got Foolish? It's their best I think. And the singles collection that came out around the same time as Strings is really good too.

Where are you going to find a cassette? I'm impressed that your tape decks still work--mine are all fricked up. My first Mighty Mighty Bostones tape that I got in 8th grade warped by the end of high school. It was very sad, though I'm not that sad about it now.

Zachary Schomburg said...

I got 'em all, I think. At least all the full lengths. I'm a big fan of Mac's Portastatic too. Can't get enough. Where do you stand?

My tape deck is only 5 years old. And I like to buy my cassettes at garage sales in the dirty college town side of town. Their always good for a mid 90's post punk outfit on cassette for a quarter.

Christine said...

cheers to dirty garage sales... it is funny i have been obsessed with this song and really wanted to hear it too...i ONLY have it on cassette and have no means of playing it right now... damn intertubes