Sunday, May 21, 2006

A and I both terribly miss Montana and its mountains. Lincoln is very good to us, but the mountains infected us while we were there and now and I think we have the bug. So we've decided to drop what we're doing for a week in June and head back. We'll tent, bring the dog, hike, float, etc. You have no idea how excited we are for this road trip. Ahh. Here are some of the friends we'll get to breath in again:

This is the lake we'll eat some sandwiches at, high above the valley after a long hike.

These are the hot dogs we'll roast again.

This is the river we'll float. The Gallatin.

A will do this.

Z will do this.

and this.


The Bacon Show said...


and, in the off chance that you have a day or two to spare, i'd love to: (1) meet A and (2) treat you both to dinner and drinks. also, (3) one of the finest swimming holes i know of, is calling all of our names...


Mathias Svalina said...

Hot dogs

shanna said...

i'm gonna visit montana for the first time in early july. i really can't wait. i here it's very big & there's plenty of space for "horseplay."

my word verification string is ogagyou. i hope it's wrong.

random cubicle jockey said...

what? you mean those pics are not taken in lincoln?

mind... blown