Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mathias and I are happy hostesses. Clean Part #4 was awesome. Thank again to Hadara, Josh and Dora, Tugboat, Denny, Kuhl's Diner for the pie, the poetry-hungry crowd, my parents, your parents. Here are some pics:

The welcome table at Clean Part #4. From left to right: bottled water, bowl of peanuts, things to make coffee, raffle tickets for pie. Not pictured: bowl of Octopus and Clean Part buttons.

Hadara Bar-Nadav reading. The missing picture from Mathias' recap.

Jim Galvin came to town to see the reading y'all. That's right. Jim Galvin was at Clean Part not reading. Also: Dora Malech and Joshua Edwards post-reading. Hadara on the right, extending even another hand. All the readers were incredible. Thanks to them. My hand too extends.

D-Schmick and Joey Lynch. The top of the indie art-world food chain. D goes to work for the man tomorrow. Best of luck to him.

I had enough poetry for one night. It was time to get schnookered.

Your 2006 Juniper Prize winner, Michael Dumanis.

Ashley and Mathias. They were very happy all night except for this one millisecond that I happened to capture.


Anonymous said...

that is badass that galvin was there..why was he in town? is he a nice guy?

CLAY BANES said...

my ardent dreams to visit lincoln just get ardorer.

btw, loading your homepage this aft. was mushed.