Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today is a good day. It is nice out. I just finished up my semester with a strong showing on my History of Modern Russia final exam (a collateral field in my PhD in poetry) and I finished a strong, I think, seminar paper in post-colonial poetics. I'm done for the summer being a student.

Things to come:

1. grading lots of essays.

2. A and I are going to Des Moines' Prairie Meadow race track to meet up with my pops and bet on the live ponies and the Kentucky Derby ponies this weekend.

3. Monday I start my corn job.

4. Mathias and I got a pretty impressive amount of chap mannies for Octopus #8. Very enthused/overwhelmed/anxious/eager. I'll spend a terrific chunk of my May evenings reading those gems after a long hot day toiling in the fields.

Other news (good):

1. I got a TA for next fall and spring. This lifts some significant burdens/stress.

2. Check me out in the new Typo.

3. Check me out in the new Summer 2006 international issue of the Washington Square Review. I'm sharing space with Darwish.

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Adam said...

A TA! Yes, Zach. Congrats. I knew you'd win them over.

Package arrived today--it's by far the best card we've received. Nice. And the books, too. Yes yes yes.