Sunday, May 28, 2006

Friday night was for Skateboards. Watched the documentary Freedom of Space at the Ross then went to the Tugboat for the arted-up skateboard auction. I was outbid. It was a good night for skateboarding and for raising money for Lincoln's future Skate park. Also a good night for friends. I got to drink alcohol with D-Scmick, M-Cat, Ashville, and B-Rad.

Saturday was for M and J in Ames. Got to watch the Cubs lose again. Went out to eat. Then watched movies. Squid and Whale. Thumbs up to that. Thumbs up to M and J. Thumbs up to Ames.

Sunday was for Spaghetti. Ate it with sister in law. There was also a baby there. This baby is pictured above clinging to A's Octopus Magazine t-shirted torso.

Tomorrow is for Nebraska's Eugene Mahoney State Park.


Denny Schmickle said...
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Denny Schmickle said...



CLAY BANES said...

i got a tube.

thanks for the gorgeousness.