Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Corn job was hard today. 8 hours of pulling up little unhealthy plants from the fields. My whole body is sore. But I'm excited because there is a terrific thunderstorm going on right now. Ideal nighttime weather for reading Kira Henehan's Seven Palms (thank you again Ryan Murphy) and writing pizzoems in the computer room/sunroom room.

Here is what I rocked on my Ipod for those 8 grueling hours. Each band was selected for pace and positive attitude, presented here in the order they were listened to:

Envelopes' Demon
Magnetic Fields' The Wayward Bus and Distant Plastic Trees
Mates of State's Our Constant Concern
Matt Pond PA's Nature of Maps,
Mendoza Line's We're All in this Alone
Jonathan Richman's Best of
The Rentals' The Return of the Rentals,
The Clean's Anthology (skipped around a bit),
Superchunk's On the Mouth
The Weakerthan's Reconstruction Site,
Wolf Parade's Apologies to the Queen Mary
and Beulah's Handsome Western States.


Trent said...

Hey, Zach! I just met one of your profs at a poetry reading--Greg Kuzma. He was a pretty cool dude.

I'm very happy to see you have a book coming out. If you want, I can book you a reading here in Omaha. You'd sell at least one book--to me. I've always been a big fan.

Take care.

kate said...

sweet playlist. been recently rocking to all things magnetic fields. again. MOS always. working on a summer playlist and several of these peeps made it.