Monday, June 04, 2007

If I haven't told you already, A and I will be driving from our little shack in Lincoln to Mt. McKinley in the AK and we're leaving Friday. This is a long trip. We'll be hiking around of course, and tenting almost every night. I'll be reading some poems with Julie Doxsee and Mathias in Missoula on June 12. Other than that, there'll be very little human contact. Very little civilization. We're taking a break from humans. No shaving. 3 pair of underwear. We should be back in mid-July at some point. This is a long trip. I google-earthed it and it makes the whole earth spin a little bit. Anyhoo, we're running around this week trying to get stuff together before we go, and trying to get stuff done so we can leave with a clear mind, y'know? So that's where my head is right now. I'll say goodbye on Friday, but I'll be sure to update you from the road of course. With pictures, observations, anecdotes, and insights. And I'll tell you all about Octopus #9 here pretty soon.

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