Friday, June 22, 2007

Night #11: South of Chena Hot Springs. North of Fairbanks, AK. 4350 miles. Made it to Fairbanks. Civilization. Went on a little hike that was all mud and mosquitoes. Found a little spot near a river to set up camp then went north to Chena Hot Springs. Ate a burger at the little restaurant. Used some of my Russian Language skills. Took a dip in the hot springs. It was hot and smelled like eggs, boiled all the toxins out of us. There was a big Alaskan guy who stood in front of this fountain thing that shot out scolding hot water like a fire hose. He took it on the face for like 5 straight minutes then on his back and shoulders. He was grunting. Then he meditated for an hour. I miss that guy.

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