Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1. A photo of some of my hand, my green hoodie and my t-shirt.

2. This is the first cover of Jonah Winter's The Continuing Misadventures of Andrew, the Headless Talking Bear, his chapbook from last year's Octopus #8. We ended up going with another cover, but I wanted to show you because I think it's really cool. And it's a hand.

3. Sometimes I get powerful cravings for the following food items, but yet I do not eat either very often: a. a very large bowl of peanut butter captain crunch, b. a BLT.

4. I shaved my beard this weekend, despite my seasonal plan to wait until St. Patty's Day. I feel like a failure. Also, I'm getting a haircut today.

5. Our microwave is broken, so Wayne, the microwave repairman, came over yesterday. He had long hair and a mouth-smothering mustache. A one-act:

Wayne knocks on the door. I open the door.
Wayne: So, you got a broken microwave, man?
Me: I do. The kitchen is over there (I point toward the kitchen)
Wayne: (setting up his laptop computer on my stovetop) So, man, your microwave is broken right?
Me: Yes. I told the person on the phone what the exact problem is. Do you have that in your notes or should I go through it again with you?
Wayne: (looks at his notes on his computer): Says here you got a broken microwave, man.
Me: (a very long monologue regarding specific microwave concerns which I will not include in detail here)
Wayne: Yeah, sounds broken, man.

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