Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dave and I got back into the office routine yesterday. It felt good. Typey typing away in the lamplight, listening to D typey type away. He got an Origami one-a-day calendar so we played with that for a little while. I think we'll try to keep it up, the origami, so if you find an origami pelican or crocodile in your mailbox this year, it was from us. And you're welcome. D made a 2 parted dog, a fox, and a two-dollar suit to clothe our little naked David statue. I made a nightingale. All this AND I put up my new Bridges of Portland poster gifted to me by Emily. You should come visit sometime. Maybe I'll tell you all about the bridges of Portland.


EKF said...

I'd like to know about the bridges of Portland, please.

Wayne said...

I have bicycled across all of the bridges of Portland.