Thursday, January 10, 2008

A few weeks ago, in the archives of this blog, I came across an old first draft of the table of contest of The Man Suit. I liked remembering my vision for the book long before it became a book. I don't even remember some of those poems that eventually got cut. I'm at that same stage again with this new manuscript. So, here goes:

Scary, No Scary
Table of contents

Scary, No Scary

The Histories: 1977 – 1987


New Kind of Night
New Kind of Tree
New Kind of Light
Your Limbs Will be Torn Off in a Farm Accident
Falling Life
Look Through a Complex Eye and See 1000 of Everything
The Abandoned Hotel
The Black Hole
I Know a Dead Wolf We Can Climb Inside and Beat
I Find Your Beating Heart Half-Buried
This is Not Fog This is Cobwebs
I Give Birth to a Girl Named Carver Who is So Tiny I Can Barely See Her.
I Lose Her Immediately.
I’m Right Here I’m a Kind of Lamp
Dead Hummingbird Problem
More and More Jaguar
This Growl is Not Yours
I Was Surrounded by a Mob of People
The World Became Too Large So It Was Divided Into Many Smaller Worlds
The World
Love is When You Build a Boat from All the Eyelashes in the Ocean
Asleep or Worse in a Boat
New Infinite Plain
Landscape (Lava)
The Black Hole
This is What You Need to Know About the World, Pretend Son
Invisible and Not Invisible
Landscape (Breadth) or When I Find My Animal Light, Mom, I Will

Convince Myself it is Beautiful


The Histories: 1988 – 1997


The Histories: The Chair Age – The Ghost Age
The Old Man Who Watches Me Sleep
Woman Tied to a Tree
I’m Sorry I Missed Your Birthday Party
Two Meteorite Theories
We Volunteered to Fly the Spaceship
The Sawing in Half
You Must Choose Between Floating Eternally in a Buoyant Cage

of Hummingbird Bones in a River of Lava or a River of Blood
The Darkness and the Light
A Horrible Flood of Lava
Goodbye Lesson
Sin and Forgiveness
The Fire Cycle


The Histories: 1998 – 2007


TT said...

I would read the living shit out of this book.

Dorothea Lasky said...

These are really beautiful. You better get this book out ASAP so I can read it.