Monday, January 07, 2008

If you've purchased a chapbook from Octopus Books, you've probably noticed it comes to you packed in a few pages of old, often culturally insensitive, mid-century children's books, or in pages of old science textbooks. I sometimes fall in love with these pages and they're hard to give up. Today, I came across one that I was unwilling to give up. There it is. Mmmmm. It's so true. So factual. So informative and helpful. My favorite part is the last two lines. I love how the anus is just "another hole...back where we sit." I like how it kinda suggests that the anus is the forgotten hole--the hole we sometimes don't give enough credit.

I couldn't never write a poem as perfect as this. And, oh, that diagram at the bottom. If I ever start another press, please please remind me that it should be called Intestines Bladder Bladder Anus Press.

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