Sunday, November 27, 2005

A and I just arrived home from a fairly successful Thanksgiving excursion to Omaha/Council Bluffs and Norfolk, NE. Lots was eaten. Cards were played. Football was watched. I did 21 push-ups in there somewhere as a challenge to cousin-in-law marine. I lost. I have a lot to catch up on now as the semester heat turns up a notch for the next two weeks. But instead A and I ironed some clothes and spent an evening with Saddle Creek from Netflix.

Here is a pic from my messy closet where I stored a poster from a local showing of the Saddle Creek documentary. To its left is Denny's poster from Clean Part, which just propped up for the picture. The furthest left clothing item is my new suit jacket that I'll be wearing to a funeral tomorrow barring a blizzard. I bought it at Herberger's in Norfolk this weekend. What do you think?

I also lounged for a few seconds in front of our very own fireplace. It works now. Thank you, M.

And if you want to hear some archived My Vocabulary radio broadcasts, and hear me and some cooler poets read some poems in those broadcasts, go here.

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