Friday, January 20, 2006

Got some good mail the past few days: My contributor's copy to the No Tell Motel's Bedside Guide, some books for my Postcolonial Poetics class (Komounyakaa, Glissant, McGuckian), and Daphne and Jim. The latter is Laurel Snyder's choose-your-own-adventure versified biography chapbook. Looks like it'll be a lot of fun.

My top 5 sexiest poems (not "the best" or "my favorite" necessarily, but "the sexiest") in the Bedside Guide, not including my own:

"Waking" by Britton Laine Carducci
"Caving" Christy Zink
"Sympatico" by Ravi Shankar (but only for its last two lines)
"Adam's Conversion" by Remica L Bingham
"On Reading Poorly Transcribed Erotica" by Jill Alexander Essbaum

When the book closes, my poems get to press up against Reb Livingston's and Eden Osucha's poems in the dark.


Lenni said...

I was just reading your profile when I noticed that you had Grover's book on your favorites list. I think I love you. I actually wrote a paper on that book when I was in college (alienation from the self). Well, I'll add Octupus to my list-o-sites to peruse. Have you checked out non-profit publishers Milkweed Editions or Graywolf?

Long comment. sorry. Adios!

Remica L. Bingham said...

Hey, that is a very cool compliment. Thanks! I love that you think my poem is 'one of the sexiest' in the anthology. There's a lot of stiff competition...

Oh, but the title of my poem is
"Adam's Conversion."