Friday, January 06, 2006

My stay in finalist purgatory has just been extended. Action Books is the culprit this time. Man (ugh, sigh) I really really wanted that one too. Love me some Action Books.

I did just realize yesterday, though, that I have some poems in that new Diagram anthology. So, maybe that'll get me through what has turned into a rough morn.


JWG said...

Fuck it, time to get mean. Yr time will come. yr work is good. Yr time (one day) of mourning is over. I want an octopus on my plate!

Zachary Schomburg said...

Yes Jim, fuck it--a good answer to most of life's issues. What the dude would say right? Thanks for the encouragement.

And yes, an Octopus. Hold steady. It's so close.

JWG said...

So many of my thoughts reflect the Dude. I have a ton of monks that live next door, but I’d rather learn from him.

This book publishing thing can really be a drag. Know it got me down when Action said no. Feel like that kid at a touch football game that doesn’t get picked and has to sit on the sideline (Of course that never happened, I was always the first picked and went on to win the Heisman at Naropa University). People can articulate why so and so was picked and why you (I) weren’t, but I just skim those comments and content myself with believing that they are idiots (no offence all you editors who have said no).

Wrote a poem today about porn.

Truly though, all you editors are doing a service. Doing what us lazy folks should be doing. you are creating a place for all of us to get together and see what is happening in minds besides our own.

Bless the folks at Octopus and Action.

Now (to the important stuff), Who wants to publish my book?