Friday, February 24, 2006

1. M & J are coming to town. Lots of fun to be had, conversations about careers, cinema, fantasy baseball, baseball. We're going to eat at a restaurant. This weekend will not be a pbj/ramen weekend.

2. I've signed up for my Fantasy Baseball league. My team, The High and Tight, has reported to camp. I'm crunching some numbers now. Bought some literature. Preparing. Plotting. Strategizing. This is my year.

3. Octopus is making some broadsheets (designed by Denny). They're a bit untraditional. Not sure you can even call them broadsheets. What you can call them, is yours (for like 5 or so bucks at AWP). Anyway, they'll be in production next week. This is a teaser. Maybe I'll show you some images later. You going to AWP this year?

4. Keep an eye out for the Jen Tynes/Erika Howsare train, Don't You Have a Map? part 2, to come rumbling through this blog in the next day or two. Its a collaborative, travelling essay in letters. Look at what they did at The Pines.

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