Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Some terrific books have been gifted to me lately. Allysa Wolf's Vaudeville and Ryan Murphy's Down with the Ship, both from Seismicity Editions/Otis Books. These books are beautiful. I've already torn through the Murphy, re-reading some of my old favs that are included, and discovering quite a few new favs. I've gone to Murphy, more than anyone else as of late, to steal ideas for poems. And Eugene Ostashevsky has sent me his new chapbook, infinite recursor or the bride of dj spinoza. This one is complete with illustrations by Eugene Timerman. I've always been an Ostashevsky fan. His poems are so delightfully strange. This is not a far departure from Kharms. Books like Ostashevsky's inspire me to create and make we want to give up at the same time.

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