Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Adam Clay's post reminded me to get into gear and make some reservations for AWP in Vancouver next late March/early April. Ahh, Vancouver in the springtime. I've never been, but I hear nothing but great things. And since this year is my year to live in Montana, I'll be able to make the trek by Suzuki through lands I've never seen before--hot dog, I'm getting excited! I've also made very papery thin plans to pick up one B-Shimmy of Missoula and one A-Rob of Eugene (he would have to meet me in Portland) along the way. Anybody else need a ride? Who's going? What are you doing there?

Adam and Matt from Typo, Jake Adam York from StorySouth, and I are doing a little thing on editing independent electronic journals at the conference. That's all I feel comfortable with offering at this moment in time.

Note to self: break into jar under bed full of canadian pennies and pay for conference registration, and hotel room.


Tony said...

What? Come on, Schomburg--you don't wanna come down to Eugene????

Okay, I guess I can meet you in Portland. You'll have to let me take you to a dive bar or two, however.


Zachary Schomburg said...

Yeah, thats right. I said it. Portland. Keep up the lip and I'll make it Seattle. You must remember: he who is behind the wheel, calls the shots. All you get to control is the radio station (and I get the volume).

And yeah, dive bars would be cool. You're buyin'.