Sunday, November 14, 2004

My new job

Dispatcher job is like no other. I'm just in the observing stage right now, and I've watched my trainer, Tanya, deal with intense domestic issues, life and death issues, blood from the head, angry man outside the door issues, and then get a chuckle out of a couple guys mooning some mormons, or crazy paranoid frequent caller lady call in about someone stealing all of the spandex pants from her trailer home. They only come out at night. Its a bit like playing a video game overnight: putting out fires one at a time--the clock is ticking. We should get scores.

It's an ideal job for snacking on animal crackers and drinking hot tea. We can wear sweat pants too. I'm excited to go back tonight.

My sleep cycle will allow me to stay up all night on my days off. I like to write poems late at night, so this will be fun. Can't write (can't drink either) when the sun is up.

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