Monday, November 08, 2004

This is my shiny-faced family back on the homestead in Iowa. The picture was taken this summer when Allison and I, and Allison's parents, Trish and Chaz, were making the near cross-continental trek from Akron, OH, to Bozeman, MT. From the right: niece Carly, sister Kelsey, me, mother Nancy, nephew Max, sister Jen, sister Sam, and on all fours at the bottom of your screen for some unknown reason is wife Allison.

Kelsey and Sam were in Iowa's state high school swimming championships this weekend. They didn't do as well as they hoped. But they are sophomores and they will be obsessively preparing for the next 12 months to strike back with unabashed swimming fury.

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kate said...

I know this is a total old person thing to say, but Kelsey and Sam are really growing up. When I saw them at my thesis show in the spring I couldn't get over it.

and this photo reminds me that I need to write your mom. She gave me presents at my show and one was this cool thing called a circle journal which is basically a book that you send back and forth...and guess who still has the book, which is blank and never been sent? uh, me.

so basically your post just made me feel like an old loser.

thanks. zach.
thanks a lot.

no. loved seeing the photo. thanks