Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sorry for getting a tad emotional on you last night. I was in the moment and decided to bring it. So it was brought. And thank you to good friend Will for the sentiment-it's reciprocal.

Anyway, yesterday and today are my days off. This is my weekend, so to speak, and here's what's been going on:

Yesterday morning I went to a new county employee orientation. They talked about health insurance, sexual harassment, retirement, and so on. I didn't really pay much attention--most of it blew right past me. But they did give me a really cool keychain that has a thermometer on it.

Rented Super-Size Me and watched it with Allison. She was sick and didn't go to work. Thumbs up-Wesley Willis rocking the sound track. Won't McEat for a McMonth.

Went to Albertsons and bought 3/4lb pastrami, brick cheeses (medium cheddar and muenster), wheat bread, string cheese, gala apples, sour cream and cheddar lays, a variety pack of teas (in order to know which one and luck and will subsequently invest in), lots of different diet soda (sprite mostly) for they were only 2.38 a 12 pack, beer, peanuts, good-for-you frozen dinners, 2 ply tp, and cucumber melon bathsoap. I forgot to get hamburger.

Went to Cactus Records in downtown Bozeman again with an agenda. Bought 2 records: 1. Futureheads - Sire Records. Really really good post-punk. The Clash, The Strokes and The Cars have had a baby together. Track #5, "Meantime", is killer. I can't get it loud enough in my car. 2. Hayden - Badman Records. I have all the Hayden records, so I figure that I've come this far. Very good. Comfort music. Goes next to my Red House Painters, my Iron and Wine, my Bonnie Prince Billy, my Pernice Brothers, and my Mendoza Line.

I missed Wednesday night chess club for the 5th week in a row.

The hot tea of the week: cranberry apple zinger. A 6 out 10 teabags rating.

Meals: 1. Old Chicago last night with friend Brian (owns a Wesley Willis original painting). Stuffed Chicago 7. Newcastle Brown Ale on tap. 2. Pastrami, cheddar, mayo on Wheat sandwich. Cheddar/Sourcream potato chips. Diet Root Beer. I ate this while watching the new Family Feud. I could have beaten the Martinez family by myself. Things you see too much of on TV: and the Martinez clan chooses "sports" before "sex". Please.

Still to do:

1. Jump on the band and the wagon, get with Tony, and choose Octopus Pushcart nominations. Must do this soon because Tony leaves for NYC to read with Joyelle McSweeney. They will read at the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church at 8pm on Monday the 22nd. It will be T's first time to the city. I'm excited for him. Go out and see them for God's sake.

2. Make hotel reservations for the AWP.

3. Find an abandoned hi-tech and free-of-charge copier to make copies of manuscript so I can send it out for previously mentioned contests.


kate said...

nice cataloging of purchses zach.
I am proud.

Cliff has a lot of Wesley Willis stories. WW used to stay with him and his roommate when he would play Lincoln. One of the stories involves a wall and a bottle of Welsey Willis' urine.

Zachary Schomburg said...


I figured you'd like that. Obsessve Consumption style.

Regarding the Wesley Willis stories. Cliff's trading card just went up in value--get him on the line and have him tell 'em--tell 'em like the wind.

Tony said...


When you book the lodgings, be sure to make it a double. Unless you like to cuddle.

Tony R.

Tony Tost said...


My nominees are the Matt Henriksen and Ronald Johnson from Issue 3, and the Aaron Kunin chapters from issue 4.


will said...

hey do you remember when we were playing chess in the dorm and i got you to a draw and we went round and round about whether or not you won or nobody one. did you ever realize the truth?

didi said...

Hey -- will you guys post your nomees already? I see Tony posted his choices in the comments. The marvels of technology......

Zachary Schomburg said...

Tony R: whether we get a double or not, we're still cuddlin'.

Tony T: Thanks for the noms. I'll add mine to it and then do some notifyin'. Have fun in NYC.

Will: The truth is...I won.

Didi: It's all about the suspense. It must build. Gotta get the blog ratings up. Soon, very soon.

Anonymous said...

Yo man, don't be doggin' on us Martinez's! YOU try comin up with answers to those dumb-ass questions with those hot lights and that hairy dude from Home Improvement breathin' down your neck for an answer! Any more disses our way and we'll hunt your gringo, poetry writin, canberry applezinger tea drinkin, blog writin ass down and whup it! (ha! bk)