Monday, November 29, 2004

Holiday Wish List #1

This will be the first of a few wish lists I'll be composing during the following few weeks--partly as a reference for loved ones (or for the occasional blog-reading stranger [email me for an address]), but mostly to satisfy my deep itch for cataloging. And also, I like to rank things, so these are ranked.

1. Ugly Duckling Presse
2. NO
3. The Hat (323 Degraw #2, Brooklyn NY 11231)
4. Crowd

1. Charles Simic - Aunt Lettuce, I Want to Peek Under Your Skirt
2. James Tate - Return to the City of White Donkeys
3. Ben Lerner - The Lichtenberg Figures
4. John Ashbery - Where Shall I Wander
5. Joyelle McSweeney - The Commandrine and Other Poems
6. Andrea Baker - Like Wind Loves a Window
7. Jen Tynes - Found in Nature
8. Linh Dinh - All Around What Empties Out

1. Stanley Kubrick collection
2. Napoleon Dynamite
3. The Graduate
4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
5. Tron

1. These shoes
2. Or maybe these
3. Gift certificate to the Gap (keepin' it real)

Please, stay tuned for addendums. And please, based on these particular wishes, provide suggestions of other things I might like to wish for.

Also of Note: I've arranged with my family not to do too much giving this year, with a handful of exceptions of course. I did however pick up one of those things off the angel tree at work. I'll be buying "books--novels (large print if possible)--adventure, sports" for a Gene H. at the rest home.


Tony said...


Hey man. John Witte said he got a nice email from you.

In other news (the important stuff), NICE SHOES. I knew we were kindred souls. You're a shoe man, too? Heh. I have more shoes than most of my ladyfriends.

These are nice. I need to put up such a list in the spirit of holiday receiving.

You forgot to specify your shoe size.


Zachary Schomburg said...


I don't have too many shoes really. I'm not a collector. But I DO appreciate a good shoe. And thanks for pointing out the fact I forgot to mention my size. It's 12. You gonna buy em for me?

Looking forward to your list.

Anonymous said...

What a nice guy. Drop me your mailing address & I'll send you a copy, just for asking.

- jen tynes (