Thursday, November 04, 2004

My inner old-glory

My inner old-glory will be at half-mast for a while. I'm trying my hardest to snap out of my four more years blues--trying to deal with the fact that I live and do business in a red state. I might be most sickened by how poorly the marriage constitutional amendment faired. I was hoping for something close--in ANY of them. I guess, after all this time, we're still not comfortable with everybody having the same rights.

I had to watch everyone celebrate and high five yesterday where I work after Kerry conceded. One of the celebraters in particular was a single and poor mother of two. How is Bush HER champion? Name ONE possible way he speaks to HER! I didn't ask her. I didn't want to hear her say something about how important it is to her, and to her two no-health-insurance kids that we cut some corporations a break and that we bomb the bejeezus out of everybody left in Fallujah.

Anyway, I quit my job there yesterday. I really did.


kate said...

Where do you work at?
At least I am in a sea of democrats at the University...the only democrats in Oktibbihha county, I might add...though my students are FREAKING conservative. I can't believe how many of them are all about being republican. That doesn't make any sense to me. How militant are they going to be once the get older. Frightening.

riley said...

So long as Bush suppresses the GLBT population, opposes abortion, and bombs the shit out of random arab muslims, the poor and beaten down will forgive him for everything else. My family, a.k.a. the christian right, many of them bordering on poor and beaten down, helped to hand Kansas to the man. I cast my own vote for Kerry in Nevada, but it just wasn't quite enough.

will said...

why did you quit? surely there will be more cool movie stars come through there that you'd want to see. how did you quit? like, did you throw your smock down when they were all high fivin (mofo's)?

Zachary Schomburg said...

I worked at the Bozeman airport's gift store selling magnets and soda pop and magazines. Like Will said, one of the best aspects of the job is getting to chat it up with celebs that have a second home outside Bozeman. This includes one of my favs, Jeff Bridges. I brought my Big Lebowski DVD to work on the first day and it paid off. I found him and he signed it a few weeks later. He was wearing a hyper-color t-shirt and some holed-out cords, rocking a pony tail up top. I've also talked to Michael Keaton, Margot Kidder and Rich Hall--and saw Peter Fonda and Bill Pullman. Another good aspects is how low-stress it was. I scan the pop. I say "have a good one" and then I go home and forget about it. I'm bobbing along until I go back to school next Fall.

Anyhoo, I quit in a civil manner. I was planning it anyway, to tell the truth. The hi-fiving just really made me want to do it on that particular day--so I did. I got a job that starts next Friday as a county 911 dispatcher working overnights for twice the pay. It seems a little more low-stress than it seems. I can spend my daytimes skiing and writing, when I'm not sawing logs.

will said...

holy crap, that sounds boss. i wanna do that.