Saturday, November 27, 2004

Went for a walk with A and B in the Bridger Mountains north of town this morning. It felt good to get some oxygen in the lungs and remind myself how beautiful this area really is. I should do this more often--I have no idea why I don't. Maybe I will. Anyway, there was more snow than we had bargained for, but we trudged on. I put in some pics above.

Dispatcher news: The last two nights I've slowly started to answer calls. I'm fielding mostly non-emergency excitement but have often come across some moderate level concerns. Fires, assaults, sexual crimes, threats, loud parties, and pot. It's a real rush answering the phone because any of a variety of very scary monsters could lurk behind it. I begin night shift (11pm-7am) next Friday. I'm anxious to see how my new life as a bat is going to turn out.

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