Sunday, November 28, 2004

Kate Greenstreet's Shelf

So many thank-yous to distribute for showing me your bookshelves. A very healthy response--I only wish I could see them in person, peruse the other shelves, pick up a few things, and drop a few misplaced names.

Another very talented young poet who showed me her shelf is Kate Greenstreet. T and I fell in love with one of Kate's poems during our August reading period and just had to have it. Look for it after this next slowly baking issue.

Kate sent me her shelf via email for she has no blog. There was no inventory attached but this is what I make of it: the leftmost pile: Fanny Howe's Wedding Dress, a CD Wright, and Bert Jansche's Dazzling Stranger. Middle pile: Canary #3 sitting up top which means she wants it handy, Paul Celan, and a big fat Keats. Rightmost: Kafka, John Wiener's Selected, a NO (not as handy as the Canary but should be), and George Oppen holding all the weight.

Also: the Lovely Arc is on Laura Carter's blog crush list (see wed. the 24th). This is the Arc and I's first crush list I think. We're embarrassed, but appreciative.

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Anonymous said...

Just went out to turn on the furnace in the studio--the location of this shelf (actually 2 "tv tables" pushed together; the main bookshelves are in the house)--and noticed some changes already (a long book on bridges covers the first 2 piles, the ephemeris is on top of that). Okay (hitting missed ones I recognize/remember, now back inside while the studio warms):

Camus' notebooks, The Timeless Way of Building(Alexander), Spell(Beachy-Quick), Saving the Appearances (Waldner), The Lichtenberg Figures(Lerner), Double Venus (McCollough), Letters & Journals of Paula
Modersohn-Becker, Dazzling Stranger: Bert Jansch and the British Folk & Blues Revival (actually a biography of Jansch by Colin Harper) (could be a clue to my actual age, though I enjoyed "talented young poet" too much to say more), Politics of Poetic Form (Bernstein), Translating the Unspeakable(Fraser), Drawings and Observations (Bourgeois), Nest (Berssenbrugge). PHP4
(for work), the Keats is a biography, Tottering State, Leaving Lines of Gender, Niedecker and the Correspondence with Zukofsky (Penberthy), The
Frequencies (Gordon), Don't Let Me Be Lonely (Rankine), Search Procedures(Erin Moure). Immanent Visitor(Saenz), The New Man (Nicoll), Kafka's diaries, The Sense of an Ending (Kermode), too hard to see but I know Waldrop's Lavish Absence and a couple of Palmers are in there.

Kate G

Tony said...

Hi Zach. Congrats on making the Crush List.

I am never on a crush list. This makes me sad and sometimes I cry about it. Maybe if I still had the Brad Pitt physique of my early 20s. Sigh.

Kate Greenstreet's ownership of a Canary is very auspicious. Good things come to those who possess the magical yellow journal.

Ivy said...

Dear Zachary,

You are cordially invited to view my blurry shelves over at my home page.


Zachary Schomburg said...

Tony, my guess is that you're on the crush list of all those that do not make crush lists. Wipe those tears, damnit. If there were an anthology of poets on the crush lists of people who do not make crush lists, you'd be the first to be solicited.

Ivy, thanks for keeping the bookshelf thing going. You have some great reads there. Though your shelves are a little blurry--have you tried getting new shelves?