Thursday, November 25, 2004

thanksgiving day post

Karaoke'd last night again with Brian and Allison, and a handful of other karaoke characters: hispanic cowboy, toothless guy, wandering cowboy crooner, man pam, teddy bear sweater lady, big glasses geriatric back toucher guy, bandana boy, and nose exhaler smoker lady. I knocked em dead with The Band's Up on Cripple Creek and then paid homage to The Graduate with a stirring rendition of Mrs. Robinson, Thanksgiving style.

Thanks to Tony and Tony and Shanna for playing along and showing me their shelves. These shelves are beautiful but I'm not satisfied with just the three. I have seen just enough for me to crave more. Who else has a shelf to show off? And if you show it off, let me know so I can gawk.

I hope you are with your loved ones today. Allison and I will be missing our families completely this year (it looks like it for both holidays) but we'll be with good Montana friends today watching football, a few Thanksgiving episodes on our Friends dvd (Allison's idea), and playing some cards or something. I made pumpkin pie cheesecake.

Have a killer thanksgiving.

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Laura Carter said...

I don't own a digital camera, but there's a shelf description on my blog.