Friday, November 05, 2004

Crawling out of the doldrums

Beginning to crawl out of my doldrums thanks to Jeff Bahr's posting of M. Moore's "17 Reasons Not To Slit Your Wrists". It's a suggested read if you're hurt, confused and feel that the walls with sharp little spikes on them are closing in rapidly all around you. What MM says here gives us some permission to lift our chins a little.

Also with the help of the new issue of Tarpaulin Sky. It's a great distraction and has some killer stuff by one of my favorites, Jonah Winter. I have both of his books, Maine from Slope Editions and Amnesia from the Field prize, and both are top-shelf, though if they found themselves in an oil wrestling duel, I'd have to give the advantage to Maine. The stuff he let us put in Octopus is amazing too.

TS is also rocking some other favs: Kirsten Kaschock, Paul McCormick, and Emily Rosko.

By the way, this year's Slope winner is Andrea Baker. I can not wait for that to drop.


will said...

thanks for the referal to the moore list. sent it to some bummed outs that i know, here. good medicine.

didi said...

There is something wrong with the Slope web site. On other news, thank you for pointing to Jonah Winter's poems on Octopus. I had missed his work before I guess because this is the first time I notice him. I liked what I read.