Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just back from dispatch. Midnight. It is dark, but not stormy. I've recently discovered the world of hot tea--I even went to Albertson's to pick up a 16oz thermal mug. My very first hot tea was two days ago (hot tea and karaoke in one week!). It was straight up Lipton. I've already begun to experiment with the sexy middle-eastern hindu type teas. Tonight was honey vanilla chai with one half and half. This excites me. And, needless to say, my body is not used to this level of caffeine and I will not be able to sleep tonight. So I've been tinkering around with the image of my blog. Adjusted a few knobs and gears. I went with a yellow and orange border to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. I'm not necessarily a big fan of the holiday, or at least the impetus behind it, but I do like to eat and gather. And I have no problems with the colors that represent it. So there's that for your enjoyment. I've just decided that I will also be adjusting the colors to correspond with other holidays and national events.

I also changed my profile photo. I took my own picture when I got home tonight. I was jealous of A-Rob's and Tost's. I too wanted a black and white, self-taken, cool ass photo. And I must say that here I'm looking fairly cool ass. Jealous?

I'm quickly learning that Didi Menendez is cool. And that she must mistakingly think I'm actually cool, and not just frontin'. She made a portrait of me and some others here. To my knowledge, this may be my first portrait--other than the doodle of myself I used to make in Shakespeare class. When called out on my mini self portraits by Dr. (dang, who was our shakespeare teacher?), I quickly put a crown on it and claimed them to be King Lear.

I'm going to go write a poem now. Stay up until it is all out. It is going to be about a factory that only exists at night. I think it is in a forest. I'm not sure what it makes yet. I'll let you know.


will said...

i don't know which who is you on the portrait page. tell me. that shakespeare teacher...was her first name diane or diana? no, was it patsy watts? is that right? and she wore big ol' red long johns with the trap door in the butt when you guys went to england. did you go to england? maybe not, but somebody did.

will said...

i looked again and i think i found you. bottom-center? i'm cracking up thinking about patsy watts talking like gabby hayes while teaching iambic pentameter in her long handles.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zach, this is Dr. Watts, your former professor. I knew what you were doing the whole time but I liked the cut of your jig so I played along. I'm in Montana too now and would like to have some "dinner" with yourself and your lovely wife. Did Ms. Reynolds tell you about the time we went to a conference and shared the same room and I stripped down to my undies and sat on the corner of the bed, smoking, with a curly showing?

Zoom you soon.



Zachary Schomburg said...

Thats really scary. Not just the fact that for a whole second I thought that Patsy Watts actually found my weblog, but that I had to relive the secondhand image of her smoking in her skivvies (thank you Kama). It also scares me that I have no idea which of you C of O losers posted this--making it difficult to respond how I'd really like to respond.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Zach, thought I'd mess with your head a bit. I'm just sitting here clicking my pencil going "aaaahhhh" "ahhhh."


Paul G.

Anonymous said...



kate said...

I think this all is very funny.
And I actually was fooled into thinking that Dr. Watts responded.

Will: I went to london with Watts(and and and the c word and Is was the winter semester of 99. Zach was already gone.

God, your job sounds fucking rad and HOT TEA is the bomb fo shizzle.
DON'T drink chamomile  while you work. It will make you pass out.

Trust me.

Zachary Schomburg said...

Thank you Kate--for the tea advice and for helping me narrow down the anonymous blog crasher to the only other c of o english major that could be reading this blog. Tost? Is that you? You are running out of profs to impersonate. And lets really hope they never get a hold of this blog.

Garnerrea doesnt read blogs does he? No, no it's Tost.

My apologies to everyone else for the inside jokes. I am annoyed by them too. Leave a disturbing anonymous message at

kate said...

I did the carman one. but not watts or PG.
The guilt was getting to be too much.

riley said...

Kate: You forgot Clouser. Of course he wanted to skip out on Stratford Upon Avon to catch Oxford, so I don't know how he could consider himself an English major. He did, however, have muscles and a happy face to protect us from the dirty limeys.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think you'd be less distracting on the other side of the internet. In fact, you don't have to be here at all. I'm Santa.

--Dr. H

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny! I too have been known to play with balls!


Anonymous said...

Zachary Schomburg,

I just wanted to let you know that I disapprove of this Jihad being launched at you and your blogdom.


Dr. Larry Cochrum

Zachary Schomburg said...

Ok, I've come up with the conclusion that all of these anonymous entries have either been posted by Kate at or Riley at Tony is obviously a busy man, if you read what he's been up too lately, and would not spend the time on the juvenile matters. So, K and R, you will get yours.

Be sure to post anonymously, and disturbingly, at those two sites.

The case is closed.

riley said...

Hey now. I fessed up to mine (the Dr. H). Given the post contents, the other two could only have been The Tost.

kate said...

I fessed up to carman and that is all that I did. I swear.

I NEVER, EVER, NEVER, EVER even knew about patsy watts smoking with a curly showing so I couldn't have written that one.

will said...

i recommend chai tea with cream and sugar. also, rooibos tea is put out by celestial seasonings. that's good.

Dr. Larry Cockrum said...


I love chai tea! Gives me goosebumps and headaches but I am crazy! I've got a blog too.



Zachary Schomburg said...


You dirty dirty dog. Dirty. I have crapped my pants. Just straight crapped them. Funniest thing ever. Kudos, you mad genius.

will said...

thank you.

sam said...

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