Monday, November 22, 2004

Octopush-cart Prizes

I'm sending Tony and I's selections to the Pushcart people today. It was difficult, to say the least, to pick only six when every poem in the damn magazine is there because one or the both of us fell madly in love with it. So, here are the six we came up with collectively, and unmentioned are the 50 or so runners-up.

1. Ronald Johnson - Blocks to be Arranged in a Pyramid (Issue #3)

2. Matt Henriksen - Alien Bugs Prints Its Way to Freedom (Issue #3)

3. Julie Larios - The Architect Isozaki Designs a House for Lewis Carroll (Issue #3)

4. Aaron Kunin - chapters from The Mandarin (Issue #4)

5. Emily Rosko - Less Art, More Monkeys (Issue #4)

6. Thibault Raoult - Dispatch (Issue #4)

I wussed out and decided not to link the issue #4 stuff. I'm going to keep that monster under the bedsheet for a just a bit longer. I assure you though, he is a large and beautiful creature.

And speaking of Tony T: He's under the bright lights in NYC tonight. If you're in NYC, you'd be a fool not to go. You'll be able to tell your friends you saw him when he was young, and still handsome.


will said...

tony and joyelle(sp) were very endearing to watch, each in their own special way. i'm glad i got to see it.

Michael said...

Anything with "monkeys" in the title—but especially "Less Art, More Monkeys"—deserves a Pushcart Prize automatically.